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Tranquil Fusion

Yujian Studio

Project description

In the space with delicate grayscale colors, the team adopts the special metallic paints which also knowns as Italian imitation paints and ModernMasters. Moreover, the grayscale tones are selected to create a low-convergence space color under the meticulous metallic light, presenting a quiet and distant space quality. In addition, the whole space is intertwined with different materials in the same tone, showing a multilayer space. In the private spheres, the team merges with the tastes and preferences of the male and female clients, and the spaces are decorated with fresh colors. In the coherent spatial rhyme, designers won’t apply unnecessary decorations, so the space creates a pure and natural rustic feeling with the use of wood materials, grayscale tones, and glass and presents natural feelings. With the combination of materials, the space has a light and translucent texture. Pure colors are adopted to describe the spatial tone in the whole space, and with the use of interlacing different materials, it shows a heartwarming appearance of family harmony. The team makes good use of the sunlight in this transparent area, applying translucent glass materials in many ways to maintain the natural advantages of the space and using light and dark paints and different materials to fuse the tastes and preferences of males and female clients. With a harmonious combination of shades, the space presents a modern, simple, elegant, and calm texture.

Project details
Location:Zhubei City, Hsinchu County - Taiwan
Studio NameYujian Studio
Lead designerYU-FEN LEE
Design teamAN-CHIH WU
Photography creditsYujian Studio

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