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Torre 261

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Short description

Urbanistically, the plot meets two distinct scales. To the North, a scale of four and five story buildings, to the South by the intersection of an access road to Rossio Park, after which the scale changes to a two-story scale and single-family dwelling typology.
So that there are no flat and rigid gables and trying to relate to the various influences of the surroundings, we assume a rotation of the floors taking this displacement to four distinct elevations that cause particular movements and shadows.
This rotation allows for a game of different experiences in which the orientations of the apartments are different and with different points of view in contact with the surrounding landscape.
The development of the building follows on the ground floor the angle that the plot describes to the source, starting from that point the twists of the housing body, assuming the body of vertical communications as the aggregating element that closes the street front of a regular shape, but with its visually permeable cladding material, it reveals the development of the building in the remaining elevations.
The shape is based on an understanding of the place and its surroundings, and the ground floor seeks a more honest relationship with the ground at low level, assuming a regular basis in relation to the street front, and thus allowing that the other floors were reflecting the various influences of the surroundings, thus creating different framing points for each floor and the dwellings, thus giving them a unique and distinctive character, with each dwelling being an element with its own identities and characteristics. This play of volumes not only provokes distinct landscape framings, but also allows for unique outdoor spaces.

Entry details
LocationAmarante - Portugal
Lead designerJoão Abreu
Design teamBruno Soares, João Vasconcelos
Photography creditsIvo Tavares
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