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Topofilia Studio

Photographed by:

Doris Trejo

Short description

Doris Trejo is a Salvadoran photographer and architect who founded Topofilia Studio in 2015. The term topophilia was coined by the geographer Yi-Fu Tuan and is defined as the affective bond with one’s environment, a person’s mental and emotional ties to a place. Inspired by the term, Doris considers important to understand the space, the memories and the experience that is created in architecture.

Central America is characterized by a tropical climate for its geographical location. It's important to understand this from a photographic perspective. The everchanging climate and temperature fluctuations are challenges when capturing the environment. The main goal in the work that is developed in Topofilia Studio is to capture the relationship of the human being with its local architecture and its natural environment, showing a real photograph, as the human eye would see it.

This selection of images includes the architecture of Central American projects documented by Doris Trejo between 2018 and 2022 and some of them have been published in local magazines and ArchDaily:
1. Quinta 106 by CIVITAS Arquitectura in Coatepeque Lake, El Salvador.
2. Casa Entre Santos by Utopia Boutique Travel in Antigua Guatemala.
3. Plaza Miraflores by Danta Arquitectura in Guatemala City.
4. El Tigre by Garabato Arquitectura in Guatemala City.
5. Ronald McDonald House by Taller ACÁ in Guatemala City.
6. Bungalow Frutepan by Hotel Aguas Claras in Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica.
7. ZZ House by Brandchitects in San Salvador, El Salvador.
8. Puro Surf Hotel by HEMISFERIOS in Playa El Zonte, El Salvador.

Entry details
LocationCentral America
Photographer NameDoris Trejo
Photography creditsDoris Trejo/Topofilia Studio
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