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Times Pavilion

Sangu Design(Guangzhou)Co. Ltd.

Project description

Times China, an enterprise involving in China's urbanization, has launched a series of celebrations and commemorative activities on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, in particular in the creation of the Times Pavilion. Based on the interpretation of the Times China brand, the designer puts forward the spatial concept of "apocalypse", extracts the three keywords of "space", "matter" and "energy", and further gives a design response to this spatial concept. Most of the previous space designs were static, conceived and planned for "invariability". The designer tries to break the restricted space form, and create a human-dependent circulation in the limited space of the Times Pavilion. Through the linkage of the track, machinery and program, the designer switches the moving trail of the wall back and forth to activate the whole space. In this brand new mode, viewers feel they have entered a different space, where they have a real sense of life.

Project details
Location:Guang Dong, China
Studio NameSangu Design(Guangzhou)Co. Ltd.
Lead designerTeng Gu
Design teamRui Hua Chen
Photography creditsXiao Tan
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