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Time Solidified by Years


Short description

Calm and stare, tea affairs, bottle flowers, utensils, pushing cups for lamps, Mingzhe's ancient meaning gently stroking his fingertips. New and old, white and black, bright and gloomy, simple and delicate micro cement has traces of years after being praised by light and dark.
Withered vines and faint leaves linger and sway. Between the mottled volumes, time and space seem to solidify at this moment. Everything is magnified and exaggerated due to slowing down the rhythm, and filled with beauty.
In the sunny afternoon, the sunlight is projected indoors through the glass curtain wall to feel the subtle changes of light and wall texture. The constantly changing light and shadow is like the graceful rhythm under the black-and-white piano keys, bringing people into a space wandering in memories and fantasies.
Ethereal, free and easy, secluded, gentle, real and illusory. The space that really moves people's hearts can always calm people down and insight into the most real and secret emotions that others can't peep into.
Light and elegant music was playing on the phonograph, and the sun filled the gauze curtains. A pot of tea, lingering and lingering, with a subtle fragrance in the heart and spleen.The scenery outside the window changes at four o'clock, blending with the indoor vibe, and the subtle affection is instantly revealed.
In such a free world, the endless interest of oriental aesthetics is like a silent language, which turns into rich and keen poetry where you can reach. It ripples in your heart, with bright spots, and sings an enduring gorgeous movement between birth and entry into the world.

Entry details
LocationChengdu - China
Lead designerZheng Jun
Design teamLi Zixu, Fan Li
Photography creditsAo Xiang
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