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Tianyi Jinghao · Yunlu 177

Nine Dimension Design

Short description

The design team conducted an all-round investigation and analysis on the project and customer group positioning. On the basis of accurately matching the customer needs of quality life and a happy life, the design team integrated the Kunpeng spirit, which symbolized high ambition and heroic spirit in Zhuang Zi's "Happy Excursion", and ran the leap process of Kunpeng's life through the whole sales space, opening a strange experience that is beyond realism and yearning for freedom.
Stepping into the lobby, the art stairs are overlapped with the metal grille, and the sculptural beauty of the main body of the stairs is highlighted by the virtual and real effect of the grille. And because of the continuation and superposition of materials, it releases the simple and pure tension, which leads the visual focus of visitors to the artistic installation.
The spiral staircase, as part of the design language, connects the first and second floors; a circular book gallery is set around the staircase in the spatial layout, with the interior and exterior arcs echoing mutually and adding an artistic tint and interestingness to the space. Sitting in the circular bar, one can see the light and the kunpeng device as if trying to break away from the light; the ceiling of the gallery decorated with silver water corrugated panels increases the depth of the space.
Hierarchical division of spatial areas extends the story line. If idle chat is freely travel, then a deep talk is a return. The deep talk area features full glass curtain with large vision lighting, presenting a pure and ethereal realm; soft decoration unfolds and extends naturally along the spatial structure, engaging the space and people's real feelings in a dialogue.

Entry details
LocationZiyang - China
Studio NameNine Dimension Design
Lead designerDing Wei
Design teamXiong Changjun, Xu Shangbin, Du Rui, Liu Xin, Xu Rong
Photography credits404NFSTUDIO
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