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Tianjin Zhonghai River Mansion Sales Center

Diyun Space Design

Short description

The entrance is a hollow reception vestibule, wrapped in a light gray and porcelain white color scheme, which slowly draws light into the room, making the whole room bright. The twisting and turning staircase have the intention of circling and ascending, adding a point of softness and roundness to the whole straight space. The shell art installation on the reception desk contains pearls, like blooming flowers, and the whole is in the shape of a flat boat docked temporarily, waiting for the moment of departure, which sets up an atmosphere of alternating dynamics and static.
"Six Ships", a hanging art installation in the ceiling area, echoes the entire space with the delicate texture of metal. Looking up from the bottom up, it is not only a moored ship, but also a blooming flower petal. Slowly looking upward until flat, there is a lot of ease and pride of the ship ready to go. The two perspectives of the same installation reflect the spirit of different situations, just like the interlocking boats in time and space, which are about to set sail here.
The passage to the sea is thus opened. In the sand area, the premium mahogany color in the porcelain white space is paired with the overall curved edge design, making people feel at ease. The metal art wall decoration with water ripple texture conveys the intention after sailing. And the art installation at the corner is like the anchor of a ship retrieved after setting sail, and is slowly approaching.
The core of the negotiation area often lies in a stable and secure communication atmosphere. Reasonable dynamic design connects the sandbox area with the negotiation area, and along the way, it provides customers with an immersive interactive area that can be experienced and participated in, creating the image of a large property through cultural sense, artistry and emotional resonance. Premium leather seats and sofas are colored in coffee and white. The details of the leather sofa all reflect the designer's craftsmanship from sight, sound, touch and smell, and softening the mood of the rambling conversation.
The water bar area is set to be more bright and more elegant after the calmness of the negotiation area.
The asymmetrical layout enriches the layers of space. The white marble countertop is concise but not simple, and the metallic art wall decorations show vitality and impulsiveness, forming a contrast with the elegant greenery, which is very attractive to people's attention.
The shaping of the tea space is quiet. The pioneering exploration of art and space is the opposing vision of light and dark, the introduction of outdoor natural beauty through a sense of perspective design. Creating an efficient community of natural symbiosis, abundant vibrancy fills every corner along with reflected soft natural light. The metal fixtures on the walls add sophistication to this area.
The children's area with the theme of "Make. A Child's Dream - Children Traveling Together in a Submarine to Explore the Deep Sea" builds a deep sea dream world through space design and color matching. In terms of space, the bubble ball device design can eliminate the oppressive feeling brought by the height of the floor, echoing the theme of "deep sea adventure" and increasing the interest of children.

Entry details
LocationTianjin - China
Studio NameDiyun Space Design
Lead designerLili Wang
Design teamZhiyue Feng
Photography creditsVmavisual
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