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Scope Design

Short description

For BOSMIA, the Binjiang store located on the west bank of the Xiangjiang River in Changsha, is a brand-new identity display, constructing the brand's first wedding photography gallery with a volume of 2000 ㎡. Mies van der Rohe believed that “structure is like logic”, which is meticulous, clear, and traceable. This point of view is also applicable to specific architectural forms. Seen from a distance, the criss-cross linear facades of the building presenting a unique skin texture in the city.

As the independent entrance of the brand, the combination of the door and the image display constitutes the basic characteristics of the enclosed “preface hall”. Creating a subtle, pure, and art museum style atmosphere to welcome customer's visit. Stepping up the stairs, the dynamic situation of outdoor crowds, noisy streets and bright light instantly transforms into a static and concealed space status. In order to solve the imbalance of the vertical elevator layout, a slanted wall grows out of the ground,breaking the standard of the central axis and establishing an asymmetrical balance.

Unlike space, which has multiple dimensions, time is irreversible and unidirectional. Although we have grown up and left the homeland, those memories of home have never been forgotten,lingering on everyone's mind. So, the soil evolves into a concrete carrier of abstract memories in the space. Take the elevator to the third floor, the“soil box” and “soil facade” showing in different space, vaguely reappearing the individual memory which has become more and more profound as time goes by.

In order to make the walls come to life and become part of the space volume, it is necessary to rediscover the aesthetic value of the pure surface. The walls are arranged evenly on both sides of the main traffic flow, establish a ritual language of “sequence”. Light passes through the curtain wall and projects on the ground, adding vivid natural light and shadow to the simple ground. The reception area becomes a impressive welcome area by the precise construction of the form, also as the most popular background for indoor shooting.

Entry details
LocationChangsha, China
Studio NameScope Design
Lead designerLiang Jianfeng, Weng De
Photography creditsScope Design
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