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Short description


Through the window, the sunshine pierced through, entering one’s daily living.

In this case, we tore down and restructured the original wall of the old-fashioned apartment building. The old washroom was dismantled and moved somewhere else so that natural dynamic lines could be created in the entrance window when the sliding door of the washroom was opened. The kitchen island, the central framework, fitted in with the space, forms an extended and continuous working platform while outlining the well-proportioned profile.

The curved elements introduced for the cabinets under the low ceiling in the hallway were for leading and extending the vision so as to greatly reduce the pressure of low ceiling. When it comes to the configuration of tiny space, we highlighted the mixture of storage space and beauty. Embedded into the wall, the storage space also served as a coherent room for kitchen ware and TV, echoing the relationship between the kitchen island and dining table, flawlessly redefining the traces of space users, with sunlight shuttling along these traces.

Entry details
LocationTaipei, Taiwan
Lead designer吳啟安
Photography creditsHey!Cheese
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