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The Zipper

Lars Gruber Architekturfotografie

Photographed by:

Lars Gruber

Short description

We photographed this building in Duesseldorf called "The Zipper" for the architects J.Mayer.H. We didn't have much time to plan the shoot because the photos were needed quickly, so we had to improvise. My assistant briefly stepped into the role of the model to liven up the shot of the roof terrace, which is also called "shark's mouth" because of its shape. Fortunately, the weather god was on our side, we had beautiful soft light in the morning and sharp contrasts in the evening shots, so we came back with a nice set of photos just a day later. Sometimes the best shots are taken with little time!

Entry details
LocationDuesseldorf - Germany
Photographer NameLars Gruber
Photography creditsLars Gruber
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