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The work of the photographer Victor Romero

Victor Romero

Photographed by:

Victor Romero

Short description

I was raised in Extremadura, Spain. I studied photography and photojournalism in London and later, documentary photography in Wales. From the early onset of my career, I traversed the world – Tokyo, Paris, Auckland, Riyadh, New York, Singapore, Islamabad, Shanghai, Berlin, Maldives and more, on various assignments for international news agencies and publishing houses.
Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I has been photographing architecture, interior, travel and tourism images for over 20 years. Gaining widespread interest, and winner of more than 50 international awards and prestigious accolades, my work is featured in more than 24 different books. I have developed advertising campaigns for major airlines, tourism boards, government bodies, head of states, international hospitality brands and high profile luxury clients. Four words define my work – passion, perfection, minimalism and sophistication.

Entry details
LocationDubai, United Arab Emirates
Studio Name Victor Romero
Photographer NameVictor Romero
Photography creditsVictor Romero
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