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The “Untouched” Office

SOPA - Society Particular, Zuocheng Architect & Associates

Short description

In the backdrop of contemporary design trends, the "Untouched Office" emerges as a critical response to the recent proliferation of the "industrial" aesthetic, where spaces are meticulously adorned to create an illusion of rawness and authenticity.

In an era captivated by the allure of the industrial ambiance, one cannot help but question the true essence behind such stylized spaces. The recent surge in "industrial" design appears to be less about embracing the genuine characteristics of raw materials and more about carefully curating a manufactured sense of authenticity.

Within this prevalent trend, surfaces are meticulously polished and distressed, evoking an air of rustic charm that, upon closer inspection, unravels as a calculated and contrived endeavor. The artifice of exposed brickwork, carefully arranged structural elements, and artificial patinas collectively contribute to an orchestrated illusion of "rawness" and "coolness".

The "Untouched Office" offers a refreshing departure from the superficial allure of the "industrial" motif. With authenticity as our guiding principle, we embark on a profound exploration of materials, seeking to manifest their inherent functionality in the most direct manner. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere buzzwords, as 78% of the materials used are meticulously sourced from construction sites within a 50-kilometer radius, embracing the ethos of upcycling.

This innovative approach to material utilization has yielded a myriad of inspired solutions. For instance, we ingeniously employ metal expansion mesh to balance the interplay of light and privacy in the well-lit conference room. The thickness of metal grating, thoughtfully harnessed, spans the expanse of a 12-meter-long table, showcasing the harmonious synergy between form and function.

Within the meditation room, plywood boards and perforated panels dance in concert, allowing a harmonious intermingling of light and ventilation. In intimate spaces, the intimate conversations area, we craft a sanctuary of sound-absorbing wood fiberboard, fostering an environment that prioritizes both function and artistic expression.

True to our commitment to openness, we embrace the use of semi-transparent polycarbonate sheets in private offices, shattering the confines of conventional enclosures while preserving privacy. In the toilet, the judicious fusion of metal expansion mesh with polycarbonate sheets creates a realm of "translucence," defying the typical dichotomy between openness and privacy.

In our pursuit of authenticity, we refrain from withholding decoration where the occasion calls for it. For instance, in certain areas, gold foils are directly applied to structural beams. While not eschewing moments of adornment, our ethos remains resolute in retaining the underlying essence of truth and genuineness.

Entry details
LocationBeijing - China
Lead designerYong Cui, Ping Lu
Design teamMindaugas Glodenis, Ignas Rackauskas, Xin Guo, Mikas Kauzonas, Mingzhan Zhao
Consultant teamEdge Corner Line Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.; One Lighting Associates
Photography creditsSOPA
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