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Photography | Interiors

“The Unique” Barbershop

Nimkat Studio

Photographed by:

Farzad Bagherzadeh

Short description

This interior is a high-profile men's barbershop in Mashhad called “The Unique" and was designed by Mohammad Taghi Bagheri. The space features a bold and masculine design in two main zones. The lounge area with its elegant, dark atmosphere contrasts with the hair salon with its lively and bright atmosphere. The lounge zone welcomes the costumes with a small café, while on the side there is a store for men's clothing and accessories.

Given circumstances, the photographer must have adjusted to the transition from the dark predominance to the bright dominance of the interior. As described by another photographer, capturing two different sense of places in visual unity, is showing the photographer's abilities to tell visual stories.
According to the architect, the key element of the interior is the curved shape of an arch, which was separated from its porticoes during the design. The arches are contained in shelves, mirrors, partitions and so on. In addition, the arch is most visible on the ceiling of the lounge in the form of a corridor. It divides the ceiling and connects the reception to the main salon via the lounge.

The process of capturing the contrasting place resembled graphic design work with a camera and light. To get a crisp image in camera, it was important to minimize the direct flare of track light as well. Also, the photographer changed the direction of track lights to achieve a coherent distribution in space. The idea for distributing lights is the photographer's personal technique to create more depth.

Entry details
LocationMashhad, Iran
Studio Name Nimkat Studio
Photographer NameFarzad Bagherzadeh
Design teamMr. Mohamad Taghi Bagheri, (ABMT Office)
Photography creditsFarzad Bagherzadeh
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