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The Red Cave

23o5 Studio

Project description

We perceive architectural forms built up in the uncertainty of human perception in the "society" - the place we live. Each project is a response to its circumstances and context. We receive projects with the requirement of creating a functional space suitable for training, regeneration, and relaxation. Customer request: the project is not oriented to the "public", the project needs "privacy". The project caters to the training needs of both customers and individuals who need a unique practice. Instead of trying to design a closed project with privacy. We are looking for an architectural form that is familiar with the human being of the society we live in - Vietnam. We pursue the traditional architectural form - a metaphor about the communal house in the village - "Đình". An architectural form, with a difference in functionality as well as the meaning of "privacy". The functional layers of privacy are set to be enhanced from the garden, ground floor (fitness + exercise), first floor (yoga) to terrace (home). In the tropical garden, we imagine strenuous training and looking at the garden, exercising in its most natural state. The garden is a stepping, going through a relaxed garden and getting started training … what if the garden wasn't just underground? Ground floor, the basic functional spaces are positioned on either side of the plan, and empty spaces are enlarged in the middle. The system of pillars surrounds the plan, emphasizing the layer that separates the space inside and outside in an "ambiguous" way. Space is built with a specific function but can be used for many different functions, a frame of scene neutral, activated by the user. Mirrors increase the stimulation of activities and exercise in an endless, a continuous, fluid manner. First floor, the space is used for yoga, at first we proposed a completely empty space, but required the space to be quiet and closed when needed. We decided to set up a "vague" box with wooden and glass walls. The corridor around the box was extended out into the garden, able to step on several rocks. We focused more on harnessing the light at the main seat (terrazzo circle-slab), surrounded by the structure of the slope roof, creating a dark space to absorb the focused light. Trees and water surface, light are combined to create a "tranquil" garden atmosphere. The terrace, this floor set up for the host's enjoyment, and relaxation, where they can party, or relax after hours of practice with the other members. The kitchen and tea-room overlook the surrounding landscape, low-rise houses, overlooking Saigon River. The garden is extended to the maximum so that it can serve outdoor activities. Through intentionally-established layers of space buffers with direct and indirect zones separating the space into different components: light, materials, transitions, tranquility, heat, environment establishes a “tranquil “, peaceful, and familiar atmosphere of traditional East Asian architecture. Homogeneous materials inside and outside, erasing boundaries, only the subject and the atmosphere surrounding the subject establish the characteristics of the space according to the purpose of use and each activity that takes place.

Project details
Location:Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Studio Name23o5 Studio
Lead designerNgo Viet Khanh Duy
Design team23o5 studio team + partners
Photography creditsHiroyuki Oki
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