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Space Geometry(Shenzhen)Design Consulting Co.,Ltd.

Short description

The hotel lies on the hills, secluded in the mountain forest, with the green jungle standing tall on one side and the clear and romantic sea on the other side. The whole design selects elements related to nature, tends to be quiet and harmonious, and awakens the resonance between spirit and field in the water and rocks.The natural form of mountain forest is presented with modern artworks against soft color as a whole, featuring harmony and stability. It's properly equipped with natural wood, weaving and rattan chairs, which not only play the role of art decoration, but also retain the quality life of metropolis for the livable needs of tourists.
The lobby of the hotel retains the inclined roof structure of the original building, and undertakes the rugged momentum among mountains and forests. The main body of the building takes the high steel structure as the base.
The culture of wood is the material feeling for the development of Chinese civilization. With wood color as the major color and mountains and rivers as backdrop, the design may return to the natural and simple artistic realm. In combination with the structural frame elements of Chinese traditional buildings, the ceiling adopts the new materials and technology of graining aluminum plates, which not only meet the requirements of fire protection, but also create aesthetic feeling when modern and traditional collide.

Entry details
LocationHuizhou, Guangdong, China
Studio NameSpace Geometry(Shenzhen)Design Consulting Co.,Ltd.
Lead designerZhu Jinxin
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