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The Osmanthus Grace

Hangzhou Gescape Design Co.,Ltd

Short description

The Osmanthus Grace is located in a long narrow green space along the main road of the city. The main building consists of three overlapping "boxes"with different functions, clear spatial structures, progressive light and shadow changes, and echos between walls and glasses.
Three main parts, water box, mirror box and forest box, compose the landscape of The Osmanthus Grace, with interactions between soft but penetrating language and the building, and blurred boundaries, natural and full of power.
Light, a media of the space, companies the owner wander in the building, an ideal space that encourages people to be bold, innovative and adventurous. Let’s join hands to run into light right now.
There is a mirrored water scene at the entrance where the sky, the building and beautiful scene come together. And it reflects light onto the colorful glass. On windy days, the pure scene is changeable with ripples of colorful light.
There are modern metal arches at the entrance. You feel like travelling through the tunnel of time when walking through. The mysterious future is waiting ahead while the interlacing of light and shadow and space leaves farther and farther.
There is a forest outside the courtyard. Patches of light are dotted here and there above the water when the sunlight goes through the leaves. When night falls, the shadows of trees in the moonlight echo with the sparkling waves, making the space more enchanting.

Entry details
LocationYiwu - China
Studio NameHangzhou Gescape Design Co.,Ltd
Lead designerFan Ge
Design teamYingyi Lou, Xiaobo Niu, Xin Zhao, Xueying Hua
Photography creditsIntermountain Image
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