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The North Perth House

Nic Brunsdon

Project description

The North Perth House is an urban-infill project in inner-city Perth. Concrete pre-cast panels punctured with arches are deployed to be both the finishing material and the building structure. On the ground floor these panels demarcate layers of privacy, each signifying a threshold leading deeper into the private life of the house. The material palette is deliberately restrained to three treatments; raw concrete for the heavy hard-working elements, timber for the intimate moments, and a translucent sheeting to mediate the hard east and west sun and provide soft light to the height of the interior spaces. The simplicity of the design belies the complexity of the resulting spaces that are created; spaces that are compressed and dark, high and washed, raw and unfinished, and rich and intimate.

Project details
Location:Perth, Australia
Studio NameNic Brunsdon
Lead designerNic Brunsdon
Photography creditsBen Hosking
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