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The New Office of One House Design


Short description

One House Design moved into its new office in the iconic two-story building created by Italian architect Vittorio Gregotti. We hope to create a healthy and comfortable working environment in terms of scale, functional layout, user experience and design empowerment, providing sufficient space for the team’s growth.
Evolving from the characteristics of the site and building blocks, the interior design breaks the original internal structure and explores the possibility of freedom in a composite layout. A repetitive, array-like order is created thanks to the large windows of the original building. Multiple void areas bring in natural light and interactivity between the two floors.
Taking a curatorial approach, the products of OC brand are placed in appropriate positions, showing a unified yet variable view. Even if the theme of the display is updated later, adaptations can be easily made. The display area is designed for a circular traffic flow, with an opening on each display surface. The sliding door that divides the salon area and the conference room may be kept closed or open to cater for events of different scales. The dining room is wrapped in wood to create a sense of tranquility, and a variety of seats at different heights underlines a relaxed atmosphere.
The first floor consists of the reception, exhibition, conference and leisure spaces, while the second floor is dedicated to office areas. The director’s office is constructed with materials and colors corresponding to the exterior space. The two terraces allow staff to enjoy the nature in the outdoor and help them seamlessly switch between work and relaxation.
The new office weaves together the indoor and outdoor spaces as well as architecture and landscape, creates a dynamic and comfortable environment. The forward-looking thinking and sustainable development concept are also contained in it.

Entry details
LocationShanghai - China
Lead designerFang Lei
Photography creditsZhu Hai, Zhang Jing
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