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The Nest Art Center

M Moser Design and Architecture (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Short description

As far as the art center is concerned, its place spirit is as important as its practical significance. It is not only a reflection of culture and art in the era, but also a benchmark for the progress of a city's internationalization. For this, the builders of the Nest Art Center hope It is an urban symbol with both internal and external cultivation, realizing the infinite possibilities of space with the tension of "beauty".

At present, we talk about beauty as productivity, and irreplaceable competitiveness is the constituent element of beauty. Under the ambition and ambition of Shenzhen, an international city, the "beauty" of Nest Art Center has a unique meaning, so that it can move forward bravely in the tide of the times.

At the beginning of the design, the Nest Art Center referred to the art development history of the major international bay areas, and shaped the design concepts of architecture, interior and functional space to an international level, so it is not only an art center, but also reflects an era.

Entry details
Studio NameM Moser Design and Architecture (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Lead designerRamesh Subramaniam
Photography creditsZheng Yan
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