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The Malt Factory


Project description

ENHANCING, CONNECTING AND ANCHORING This project is about creating life in the Malt factory, creating life in the big red building at the top of the town of Ebeltoft. It is in the Malt factory everyone is welcome, it is in the Malt factory that there is light and activity around the clock, it is in the Malt factory that all users have their daily activities - and it is the Malt factory that becomes an iconic landmark that you know about. It sews and boils in the fine spaces, among the characteristic wooden structures, in the cool interior of the malt chillers; exuberant life inside and out - the large building is brought back to life. The malt factory must is transformed without losing its architectural peculiarity, character and atmosphere. To succeed in this, we are convinced that it requires a humble approach to this complex task. The proposal is therefore developed on the basis of three concepts, which are about reinforcing, connecting and anchoring. Strengthen the character of the buildings and of urban spaces. Connect the city and the sea, indoor and outdoor spaces. Anchor the already existing activities and initiatives in the Malt factory. The Malt Factory's buildings and landscapes are a valuable and rich directory of spaces, constructions, stories, landscapes and potentials. Based on the unique qualities the place today possesses, the project seeks to reinforce the special character of the Malt factory so that urban spaces and buildings are connected with the market environment in the street “Adelgade” to the east and to the west the sea “Ebeltoft Vig”. The project seek to create a long-lasting and timeless transformation of the Malt factory, which also works at second glance, and which inserts into the environment in a way that highlights the existing qualities.

Project details
Location:Ebeltoft - Denmark
Studio NamePRAKSIS
Lead designerMette Tony & Mads Bjørn Hansen
Design teamErik Knudsen, Martin Møller, Tobias Sandberg, Tina Lyneborg Jensen, Julius Nielsen, Tilde Andersen, Michael Royal.
Photography creditsJens Lindhe
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