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The Loren at Ladybird Lake

Rhode Partners

Project description

The Loren at Ladybird Lake is a premier hotel and residential project at the urban intersection of Riverside Drive and Lamar Boulevard in Austin, Texas. This mixed-use project features 108 luxury hotel rooms, 24 residences, an interior event space, a rooftop restaurant, and a pool. The 5-star luxe hotel is uniquely situated between nearby nature trails, parkland, and the ultimate convenience of proximity to downtown Austin. The hotel and residence portions are bridged together horizontally and split with a paseo and an open-air passage. The limited height of the building allows for a more intimate scale of the interiors to bring warmth to a sophisticated space. In the lobby, guests are greeted with a white oak and bronze desk that mirrors the formed bronze borders that adorn the exterior windows. A reflective, textured metal ceiling with a hammered pattern echoes the water and movement of Lady Bird Lake visible across the street. The hotel rooms are designed with local craftsmanship and built-in furniture that steps away from a typical hotel stay and into a boutique yet comfortable hospitality experience. A built-in, blackened-steel bar and refreshment area rounds the entry corner while a custom, white oak bed with shelves extends across the room. Large windows fill the room with parkland views and natural light, accented with a large glass desk and lounge chair. The Loren at Lady Bird Lake is set to open in 2022.

Project details
Location:Austin, TX - United States
Studio NameRhode Partners
Lead designerBrett Rhode
Design teamOwners: Sardis Developments, The Loren Hotel Group ; Architect: Rhode Partners ; Construction: Hoar Construction ; Interior Design: Rhode Partners ; Civil Engineer: Consort Inc. ; Structural Engineer: Viewtech Inc. ; MEP Engineer: Blum Consulting Engineers
Photography creditsRhode Partners
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