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the light side of the moon

reginadahmeningenhoven, architecture for 21. century

Project description

Healing with water and oxygen, two pillars of the Lans Med Concept have been given a new face. The architect Dr. Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven from Düsseldorf created the surprising design for the Kneipp and oxygen therapy rooms. Now this 'Light Side of the Moon' area has been completed in collaboration with Hecker Architekten. The new Kneipp landscape Light Side of the Moon leads guests into another promising spatial landscape; six gentle, bright crater and volcanic shapes - the Kneipp pools - spread out in a circular pattern and invite healthy treading water and communication. Three further armchair benches allow various electrolysis baths for detoxification and cleansing. Fresh and cheerful, floating rings of light seem to fly like ufos over this healing water landscape. Dr. Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven: "For me, it was important to convey with this room composition - in which nothing disturbs the harmony, from which perfection and order speaks, in which architecture is harmony and unity of all parts - the confidence that under the contradictory surface of our world a force striving for unity exists."

Project details
Location:Lans - Austria
Studio Namereginadahmeningenhoven, architecture for 21. century
Lead designerregina dahmen-ingenhoven
Design teamArge: Hecker Architekten Uerdinger Straße 56 40474 Düsseldorf Deutschland; Projektleitung: Stefan Huber; Bauleitung: Christian Kolbitsch; Fachplaner Lichtplanung: Tropp Lighting Design GmbH, Clemens Tropp; Einbauten Corian: Peter Grube GmbH; Schlosser- und Metallbauarbeiten: Erich Trinkl Metallbau
Photography creditsAlexander Haider
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