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The Light Pavilion

Short description

“The Light Pavilion" 1) DESIGN Concept a New Design Response to Covid The project for 'The Light Pavilion' is born of offering new answers on the basis of the new questions raised by the new life situation experienced in relation to Covid: What is it that we are and what will allow us to continue to be so through our experiences? 2) FUNCTION AN EXPERIENCE OF NEW SENSATIONS ‘The Light Pavilion' is a conceptual construction that mainly works with white, offering a pure piece that transforms the Light as it passes through and allows the air to move freely: a small building that is offered as a Pavilion-Restaurant Terrace to enable new space experiences in an environment of culinary encounters. 3) ENERGY/SUSTAINABILITY concept THE FLUIDITY OF SPACE The pavilion flows in order to enhance the CLIMATIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS of the place: angle of the sun (solar incidence), natural ventilation, perspiration through the skin, temperature and humidity, etc. 4) PERCEPTION ENHANCING THE VISUAL, BUT PRIMARILY THE TACTILE The confinement helped us to remember that both open spaces and ventilation, as well as the importance of the sense of Touch, where the skin textures of the architecture dialogue with the skin of the users along the formal manipulation of matter 5) MATERIALS OF THE PROJECT A GEOMETRY OF FLOWS The final geometry of the Pavilion make possible the double flow of movement that takes place in this specific open landscape A SKIN OF LIGHT The heaviness of the usual constructions have been transformed into light skins that transpire light and air in a filtered and subtle way through the relationship of superposition proposed between two parallel white metallic sheets manipulated by folding and perforating as our skin does with the light and air that envelop us

Entry details
Location:Matola. Elche. Spain
Lead designerJosé Ángel Ruiz Cáceres
Design teamJuan Luis Castelló
Photography creditsAlejandro Gómez Vives
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