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The Hyundai Seoul


Short description

A firm renowned for creating beautiful and considered spaces for global brands, is proud to unveil its visionary, multi-level design for one of the largest department stores in South Korea. The Design firm was commissioned to provide fully customized environments over three levels of this retail landmark.

The second floor, home to women’s high-end fashion, is at the heart of elegance and timeless luxury. Anchored by iconic forms, with an emphasis on textures and sculptural tonality, the floor offers a quieter, and gallery-like space for one to meander and explore. Use of gentle, indirect lighting accentuates fluid forms on the ceiling to radiate an ethereal quality. Custom hanging fixtures with refined detail elevates the feeling of lightness while providing a cohesive language for curated brands to shine. A combination of a subdued color palette, matte textured finishes with layers of reflectivity and translucency further boosts the sophisticated atmosphere.

In Contrast, on the third floor, the mood swiftly changes up and invites guests to another world. Expanding on the sculptural garden, this level takes on a more futuristic approach, almost Blade Runner-like. While maintaining a degree of commonality with the second floor in terms of sculptural elements, this floor expresses them in bolder form, amidst a creative backdrop of shocking deep blue hanging systems, aggressive materiality with an emphasis on the contrast of natural and man-made materials, unfinished ceiling, metallic vacuum-formed sculptural walls, reflectivity, and a pop of color that speaks more directly to the featured brands.

In this modern retail emporium, the world of art, design and fashion collide to create a cultural experience, where the designers offered something unexpected through different programmes and looks while creating memorable moments for the customers.

Entry details
LocationSeoul, South Korea
Lead designerDiego Burdi
Design teamDiego Burdi-Co-founder and Creative Director, Tom Yip – Project Manager, John Seo – Senior Concept Designer & Korean Translator, Michael Del Priore – Senior Concept Designer, Anna Nomerovsky – CAD, Anna Jurkiewicz – CAD, Yoonah Lee – CAD.
Photography creditsYongjoon Choi Photography
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