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The Eternity Light

HH Designs

Short description

The Eternity Light has been designed with both beauty and practicality in mind. Designed to be energy efficient, not depending on a single bulb. The idea was to create something dynamic and had a bit of personality. With two circular brass elements signifying unity and an adaptable structure that swivels and tilts, this lamp provides the user with a variety of looks.

With a polished Brass finish to the top and Antique Bronze to stem and base, the Eternity Light measures an impressive 550mm in height. The top of the lamp conceals an LED strip, creating a halo like glow. The adaptability of the structure allows the light to either glow in a general diffused area or when tilted will provide a more focused light, making it ideal as a modern-day desk lamp or sculptural piece placed on a console table.

Designed to be symmetrical with two circular brass elements signifying unity. To add character and something unique this adaptable structure swivels and tilts, providing the user with a variety of looks. It is sculptural product made from solid brass, a quality material that is timeless and exquisitely finished. The design, a contemporary one is finished in this tradition way to suite vanity of locations creating a fun yet smart and stylish aesthetic.

It's a very versatile design that can stand alone or add a finishing touch to a space. A series of them could be used in a space to create a really dynamic installation, they could sit onto a bar in a restaurant or dress and entrance in a hotel. Equally just one can impress a guest in a residential setting and provide a function and stylish touch to a desk space. Designed and manufactured to last both in the physically manufacturing and in the timeless design.

Entry details
LocationLondon - United Kingdom
Studio Name HH Designs
Lead designerHolly Hamlyn
Photography creditsCollier Webb
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