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The Dovecote-Granary

Tiago do Vale Architects

Project description

The roots of the Dovecote-Granary are humble: originally built in the late XIX century, its starting point were two traditional northern Portugal maize granaries standing over granite bases. A common roof united them under which there was a dovecote. Built out of local oak wood, the structure was under-dimensioned for the demands of that construction and, receiving no proper maintenance through an important part of its life, it rapidly decayed. With an intricate redesign of all the subtle carpentry details and a limited set of surgical interventions that allow for its safe and renewed use, the reconstruction of the Dovecote-Granary preserves a very interesting built vernacular document, using local artisan traditional knowledge to achieve it. Brought back as an iconic shape in the rural landscape of the Minho region, the experience of the dancing leaf shadows, the gentle crossing breeze and the birds chirping in a late summer afternoon fully defines its new purpose, function and use.

Project details
Location:Ponte de Lima - Portugal
Studio NameTiago do Vale Architects
Lead designerTiago do Vale
Design teamTiago do Vale, María Cainzos Osinde
Photography creditsJoão Morgado
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