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The depth of space, the extension of life

Yu [ i ] Design Studio

Project description

This case is a 40-ping pre-owned house located in Taipei City that is now rebuilt. After communicating with the owner, the designer rearranged the original multi-compartment spatial due to the changes of family members and living habits. Using a T-shape as the base of public traffic flow planning, the sunlight from both sides of the windows has outlined a progressive space depth. At the same time, the designer applied the open-ended designing method and the cohesion ratio of different materials that combine light and shadow gradients to achieve a smooth and free traffic flow while connecting emotions from both sides. To improve the original low ceiling that caused visual pressure, the designer “opened up” the ceiling area using oil painting-like special paints as the main body of the structure. The designer hoped to create a three-dimensional depth of field on the ceiling plane through different lighting angles. The low-limit special paints brought out the pureness of the space, yet, vitality remains even after the compression; the oil painting-like colors have successfully injected various emotions into the residence.

Project details
Studio NameYu [ i ] Design Studio
Lead designerHung-Yu Chen
Design teamYi-Chia Kao
Photography creditsYu [ i ] Design Studio
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