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The Blossom Cove


Short description

Fujian is the birthplace of tea culture and the hometown of oolong tea, and the world-famous "kung fu tea" brewing method is also derived from oolong tea. This project is located at a famous overseas Chinese town and ancestral home of Taiwanese in Xiamen City. The tea culture of southern Fujian has always drew attention from all over the world, and the tea culture has become the outstanding city card of Xiamen.

Ray Oldenburg introduced the concept of "third space" in his book "The Great Good Place". In his definition, the "third space" is the public space outside the home and office in the city, such as the grocery store, bar, coffee shop, library, city park, etc. The emergence of new art spaces is the realization of the third space.

In the design of "Tea experience store ", designer implanted southern Fujian tea culture with the theme of "punk wellness", linking the long-standing tea culture to the lifestyle of young people through a new look, from traditional culture to new social life, allowing people to experience the collision between the Zen spirit and the youthful lifestyle.

The color of the space is extracted from tea, which is translated into orange and red through a youthful design vocabulary. The vibrant gene is integrated into visitor's experience of the scene, and the slow life is found in new type from ancient culture, as well as the freedom of thought intertwined with literature, music and art, interpreting the "punk wellness" symbolizing the Z generation.

The design is placed in the scene experience through trendy IP images, linking traditional culture to present a new generation of punk wellness. Bee is the ambassador of the Tea experience store, and the creation of the bee as a prototype, treating the space as a beehive, a metaphor for the third space, leads visitors to open a enjoyment about the tea ceremony, so that the five senses can embrace life and heal the soul with tea drinking.

Entry details
LocationXiamen - China
Lead designerGuo Jie
Design teamGuo Jie
Photography creditsENJOYDESIGN
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