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The Beauty of Time

MT Interior Design Co

Short description

The design combines the family's kind and warm personality with the multi-dimensional thinking of "enhancing space utilization" and "preserving comfortable privacy" to create a different experience of spaces. The design of "The Beauty of Time" is a harmonious approach to linking the relationship between the fields and the areas. The entire space is designed to meet the family's diverse living and social activities. In addition, through the appropriate use of different material layers and the interpretation of different light sources, the space can transmit a warm, comfortable and delicate atmosphere so that the family can deeply experience the warmth. This project realizes the family's imagination of home. Home is no longer just a place to stay but also a place where family members can enjoy the happiness of a family reunion. The design theme is to use a mirror-like open plan layout as the core of the public space, and then use the hidden wooden sliding doors to divide the public and private areas, showing the family's generous and warm personality. To avoid a large space falling into a monotonous image, the designer experimented with a variety of material combinations to create a harmonious spatial relationship. Moreover, the owner's routine is occasionally opposite to that of the children due to work. To ensure that the family's rest time is not affected, the designer used ceramsite concrete panels as partition walls and silent bedroom doors to give each separate space a quiet time. Finally, the designer has made the unused spaces into open or hidden storage spaces according to their characteristics. For example, the titanium-plated display cabinet with gray and black mirrors in the back and the wooden wine cabinet, are no longer just useless space.

Entry details
Lead designerPO-HAO LIAO
Design teamPO-HAO LIAO
Photography creditsMT Interior Design Co
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