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The Beach House


Short description

As you enter, the hall encourages you to unveil the brand’s DNA through an impressive collection of memorable items: Paintings, photographs, ceramics, bottles…Just like a home. Each office space tells a different story about the Group. All the spaces are warm, with a human atmosphere, and welcomes you to discover each one of them.

An immersive experience and pleasant break begins when you arrive at the Auditorium. Composed by modern technologies, the Auditorium is prepared to receive all kind of people, teams and events. Behind the glass doors, versatile meeting rooms awaits for you, always with a sea view.

Interior architecture and design project for the WYgroup Offices are based on the rehabilitation of the pre-existing workplace, in a new design that reflects the new hybrid working model. The working space are also divided in two areas - the "family table" and the "work in contemplation". The family tables represents the need to be together and to collaborate. It's a natural working position. The "work in contemplation" means a new individual moment. When you need to think or to analise something... with a view, and what a view!

The new WYgroup Offices, is a workplace focused on the collaboration and well-being of its employees. A work environment designed with people and with their comfort in mind, privileging teamwork and a sense of community. It is an office that stands as a meeting point for a new normal, in an unpretentious and informal way, but at the same time modern and innovative.It's the natural extension of your home, and you need to experience it to live it as yours.

Entry details
LocationOeiras - Portugal
Studio Name WYgroup
Lead designerPedro Reynolds de Sousa, Rita Andringa and Carlos Castelo Branco
Design teamArchitect: Pedro Reynolds de Sousa / Decoration: Rita Andringa / Equipment Design: Carlos Castelo Branco
Photography creditsANDRÉ HENRIQUES/AH!PHOTO and WYgroup
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