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Kris Lin International Design

Project description

This case is an urban renewal and renovation project. Under the background of urban renewal, the designer has carried out a comprehensive study on the history and geographical features of the textile industry in Deqing County. Under the premise of respecting history, the original cultural style is retained and used. Create a modern urban art center that spans the boundaries of time and space. As a city that started in the textile industry, Deqing County has a large number of textile mill. This case is the site of a long-established textile mill. It has witnessed the development of the prosperous Jiangnan textile industry. However, in the development of the times, it is impossible to keep up with the pace of urban development and gradually disintegrate.In the design of the project, the designer respects the original culture and residual status of the space, retains the historical elements, and equips it with modern diversified functional spaces to inject new vitality into this space.

Project details
Location:Hangzhou - China
Studio NameKris Lin International Design
Lead designerKris Lin
Design teamAnda Yang
Photography creditsPhoto by KLID
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