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Techstorm Headquarter Industrial Park

DUTS Design

Short description

Headquarters Office Building Enhanced with Museum Experience

The design team provided total design solution with architecture, interiors and landscape design for the client’s Headquarters Park with modern factory, humanized office space, and R&D center in Shanghai.

The design team innovatively integrates more public cultural space experiences into industrial buildings and offices, creating the complex headquarters office park with a "museum experience".

The entire headquarter architecture spans over 40 meters in cantilever, and the designer and structural engineer worked together to overcome enormous technical challenges to ultimately succeed in grounding the building. Due to its unique cantilever structure, the building not only creates a ceremonial entrance for the enterprise but also maximizes the use of its bottom space to create a museum-like grey space, creating more peaceful and relaxing feelings for the employees.

The design team aimed to create a 'working in nature' feeling for the employees. The two-story all-transparent internal atrium glass curtain wall makes the 360º garden landscape possible, bringing in natural light and creates an office atmosphere, seamlessly blending space and the environment. The lush and vibrant atrium landscape stands out as the thickest color in the space.

The design team combined the architecture's structure with the interior functions organically. The cantilever shape creates a large scale of shared space while a staircase lecture hall. The office space's design language incorporates natural simplicity and warmth that aligns with the owner's environmentally sustainable vision and creates a more open, diverse, hybrid, and inspiring workplace for employees.

Entry details
LocationShanghai, China
Studio Name DUTS Design
Lead designerLing Zhong
Photography creditsQinshan Wu
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