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Takenishi Terrace


Short description

TAKENISHI TERRACE is located on the west end of the oldest shopping arcade in the city center of Oita and was newly built as a commercial complex after a decrepit building. After demolition, a new parking lot was planned, in the corner of which three small businesses were set up. There, a park-like square was created where people could interact. By cooperating with the shopping street that had become merely a place to pass through, the project aims to revitalize the area.
We perceived that the presence of tenants who would liven the place up with a share awareness with the builder was indispensable in creating a space that attracts people and we believed that it was best to determine the tenants in advance of proceeding with the project to create a cooperative space.
Further, although the construction is small, it was possible to create multiple shops and various indoor and outdoor spaces for a diverse, lively experience.
The three shops that signed up came to fruition and were given accessibility and we investigated the careful positioning of fixtures to encourage the movement of customers from one shop to another.
The earth that we removed during excavation when demolishing the building was not put back in its original position and, taking advantage of its shape, we created a closed-in and calm shared space.
The space in front of the shops where people can casually drop by and the terrace seats where they can feel the changing seasons enhance the quality of the public space that anyone can visit easily.
Keeping rainfall in the shopping street to a minimum while breaking up the arcade and buildings delivers a bright and airy shopping street. The front and the back are linked through the buildings.

Entry details
LocationOita - Japan
Studio Name YRAD
Lead designerYuuki Tanaka + Ryosuke Enomoto
Photography creditsToshiyuki Yano
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