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Short description

The Taipas project aimed to convert an abandoned commercial space, located on the ground floor of a 19th century building. XIX in an apartment for hospitality use. The project takes advantage of the existing generous ceiling height to create a one-bedroom/mezzanine apartment, with the social areas distributed on the ground floor and the bedroom on the upper floor. The space is marked by the dramatic door that connects with the street and the entire interior layout is designed in a continuous and fluid way, living/dining room, kitchen, sanitary installation and bedroom. All materials and constructive solutions respect the original principle of the building and its references. Apparent wooden beams, hydraulic mosaic, marble countertops and traditional tiles. The interior design intended to be emotional, feminine and punctuated with small surprises and moments. Due to the small size of the space, all the pieces of furniture were customized measure in order to adjust to the scale of the apartment. The result is a contemporary, comfortable, colorful living space with a high graphic personality, where natural light plays a fundamental role in the overall experience.

Entry details
Location:Porto - Portugal
Lead designerPedro Vasco Ferreira
Photography creditsJoão Morgado
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