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Taikang · Hangzhou Jingshan Bamboo Tea Garden

Landao design

Project description

Jingshan Bamboo Tea Garden is located at the foot of the historic Jingshan Mountain and within the Dajingshan National Rural Park area in the northwest of Hangzhou City. It is the only ecological humanistic memorial garden with traditional academy culture as the core in China. By making full use of the natural resources and the geomantic conditions of Jingshan, and diving deep into the academy culture of ancient Hangzhou, we build the tea garden into a memorial space of the local humanistic spirit. As a cultural garden, the beautiful surrounding natural base, rich architectural function layout, and complex vertical site status have all become challenges and opportunities for our landscape design. The memorial garden is often a place full of sadness and hidden taboos in the inherent concept of the Chinese. We hope to subvert the tradition and create a place where people can think about life, commemorate and cherish the lifetime memories, and turn sadness and uneasiness into awe and hope for life. Time is the flowing water that never stops, life is the leaves that fall into the long river, the leaves will disappear with the vortex, but the big tree will grow new branches and leaves at the same time. This was the inspiration for our original design. The waterscape borrowed the dynamic and static characteristics of square and circle to describe the movement of the sky and the static state, following the oriental traditional concept of "round sky and square earth", let visitors recall their memories amidst the movement and the stillness. On the moving and quiet water surface, there are reflections of buildings and trees. From the quiet Zen room, one can see the waterscape of the atrium through the wood grille. After the project completion, we were pleasantly surprised to find that there were not only fallen leaves floating on the water surface, but also dragonflies flying and sparrows drinking, which brought us new feelings. As the site has a height difference of nearly 6 meters, we combined the large bamboo forest on one side with the tea field vertically to create a tree-lined mountain trail that climbs up the stairs. On the basis of not changing the original ecological natural resources, we have created a modern ecology with the concept of "hidden in the green mountains and returned to the pure land". We hope there is a peaceful place after the memorial process, which can let visitors calm down, to feel the quiet moment endowed by nature back against the bamboo forest, facing the tea garden. Sitting in silence, one can enjoy the sight of the bamboo forest and the boundless tea fields. The greenery is all over the hills, with tea aroma moving around everywhere.

Project details
Location:Hangzhou, China
Studio NameLandao design
Lead designerLi Guowei
Photography creditsLu Bin
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