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Taichi Garden


Project description

Taichi Garden is located in Taizhou, Zhejian which is subtropical region and the garden is the courtyard surrounded by the textile factory buildings (7 stories tall). The space is designed for the hundreds workers playing Taichi; however the place is humid and hot in daytime. Therefore, the cooling strategy for the space is required and the landscape elements should be designed by following to Zen for Taichi. To play pleasant Taichi, the “Comolevi shade” is also designed to make a cool environment for Taichi. Comolevi shade has the leaves pattern and a good ventilation systems which function is similar to tree shade. According to Zen regarding Taoism, the nature is composed of 6 elements; Wind, Water, Fire, Tree, Steel and Soil in certain direction. The Comolevi shade delivers cool wind with shades to the garden. Water is placed in the north facing to Canteen which use fire. Local trees are placed in the east side facing the entrance of the buildings as a welcome feeling. The steel is used for the wall of pass way to the garden from the buildings. Local sand soil is used for paving which is soft and good for legs of Taichi people. Site and Context investigation: The site is less than 10 km away from the coast of Taizhou which is in sub-tropical climate. The climate is hot and humid and the air temperature would be up to 30 degree Celsius in average in summer season. They also get Typhoon (heavy storm) in summertime. The site is factory area and it gets urban heat island. The site should be designed as a cool place, comfortable and health space for workers. Because of the strong wind, the shade structure should be designed to handle the wind loads. For the vegetation, local grown trees are selected such as Ligustrum vicaryi, Photinia serrulata, Euonymus Japonicus, Camellia sasanqua, Rhododendron pulchrum, Ligustrum japonicum‘Howardii’ and Lorpetalum chindensevar to root the site. Design Program: Zen and Feng Shui regarding to Taoism which are design code give the certain direction to layout the 6 elements of nature; however, the code should be translated to the site condition and environment. The materials are also designed originally and the function of landscape elements should be used for workers. Because the workers often play Taichi at the site for health before and after they work, the space should be opened and gentle for players. The texture of the materials and color should be matched to buildings. Window view is also considered to the landscape and interior designs. In canteen, Chairs and table are facing to the garden to enjoy the green view with water soundscape. To perceive the different experience in the garden, materials and edge’s height are changed according to Feng Shui direction. Design Intent: The space is intended to realize a comfortable and cool environment for factory’s workers. Also the design should be following the Zen and Feng Shui for Taichi Playing. To use the Feng Shui and match to the environment, the landscape elements; especially shade structure is the key to realize the cool place for the site. To develop new structure and environment with Feng Shui are the one of the assignments and intention of the project. Materials: Because the client is the textile company, the material Comolevi shade is designed by clothing. Polyester with fire resistance is used for the shade. Steels are used for frames for supports shade system. To provide soft ground for Taichi, the sand stone is used and the granite is used for circle water features. Pebbles and Grass are covered under the shade. Circle benches around trees are made of timbers. Corten steel wall is used for signs and wall of the pass way. The all matrials are regarding to Feng Shui. Environmental Impact: The surface temperature of the paving under the shade and trees is decreased more than 15 degree Celsius to compare to asphalt road. Air temperature also decreased more than 2 degree Celsius. The area becomes a cool spot for the community and workers could take a rest in the garden instead of being the inside of the room. Energy saving for the buildings could be realized and green window view could help mental health for workers.

Project details
Location:Taizhou - China
Studio NameLOSFEE CO., LTD.
Lead designerKiyohito Tamotsu
Design teamEmiko Tamotsu
Photography creditsKiyohito Tamosu
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