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Tá Hotel de Diseño

anonimous + JAHS

Project description

Tá Hotel de Diseño is an intervention in a Neocolonial mansion from the early 1900s renovated into boutique hotel. Consists of 2 courtyards on the first floor, around which the program of 6 rooms plus the corresponding common and service areas are arranged, a jacuzzi pool, a bar and a restaurant with an outdoor terrace. The upper floor contains 5 guest rooms and is connected through the west courtyard in a double-height space where the main stairs are located. This vertical circulation is the architectural element that unites the pre-existing element with the new contemporary intervention. The hotel is characterized by a mix of materials and colors that interact with the pre-existing and contemporary elements. It is a unique space, offering a new proposal of comfort, luxury and design.

Project details
Location:Queretaro - Mexico
Studio Nameanonimous + JAHS
Lead designerAlfonso Jiménez, Bárbara Trujillo & Jesús Herrera Soto
Design teamMónica Ochoa, Edgar Alarcón, Christopher Franco, Marco di Peso, Heliana Echevarría, Pablo Eguiarte, Alejandra Mosqueda, Lucrecia Brero y Jesús Herrera Soto.
Photography creditsRafael Gamo
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