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SVA Graz (office extension)

Strohecker Architects

Project description

The expansion of the SVA building is a well implemented design brief in a difficult setting. All the clients’ needs for new and modern space were met, while at the same time fully complying with protected nature of the existing ensemble. Contemporary and striking design has been achieved, without distracting visual and aesthetic intrusion into the existing building design, which on its own has a rather strong character. Clean forms and subtle colours of the addition transcend aesthetically appealing look. Through a general overhaul of entire existing building, including its whole HVAC system, the client now has an energy efficient structure, which with its clean interior lines is adept to contemporary employee. This sensitive assignment has been successfully achieved with a lightweight steel construction, which is built on top of the concrete skeleton structure from the 1960s. Due to the eye-catching facade construction of the last floor and offseted 5th floor, in combination with raised existing attica, the extension as a whole, from pedestrian standpoint appears to be actually only one storey up from existing structure. This was a decisive element that turned Federal Monument Protection Agency in favor of giving a green light for project completion.

Project details
Location:Graz - Austria
Studio NameStrohecker Architects
Lead designerGuido R. Strohecker
Design teamAlexander Feuchter/ Edib Nakicevic/ Patrik Pietschnig/ Olivia Killian/ Lukas Kerschbaumer
Photography creditsMarija Kanizaj / Paul Ott
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