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surely. Art Space

Design Plus Design

Project description

In line with branding, designers focus on time and skillfully use the sense of time dislocation to create the difference between inside and outside, between objects and space, and put forward the concept of " Up Time for Birth, Inverse Time for Reveal". Designers keep the material of color mixed to create a new space, and then used that material patterns to keep continue create an interior and exterior space, and connect them together to make a difference, thus, to pop up the "TIME REVERSAL" concept, given a big surprise to audience to create a special experience at the space; secondly, giving up too much interior design decorations, make more negative spaces to provide high-end decorations for display. Basically, create a difference with the old space that make more space for the future of sustainable development to leave the use of flexibility. Finally, the designer turned it into a space with coffee and art exhibitions.

Project details
Studio NameDesign Plus Design
Lead designerMichael Lam
Design teamGaby Teng
Photography creditsMichael Lam/Qi Zhang
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