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Entekhab Design Center

Product description

The vacuum cleaner is designed in tune with what users need and experience during different stages of interacting with the product. As a result of its compact design, it makes the vacuum cleaner convenient to use and space-saving. The big wheels with a rubber line around control the movements perfectly. In addition to a good combination with minimalism, body lines follow an aggressive style by sharp and edgy design. Moreover, each line leads the users’ eyes to a specific characteristic of the vacuum cleaner. The line in the middle of the body helps two functional keys to be seen instantly. This easy-to-operate vacuum cleaner features a convenient handle integrated with the entire structure. Thanks to its user-friendly switches, there is no need to bend the body as it’s effortlessly accessible. The suction power control button has created a new user experience through a playful yet mechanical feeling.

Product details
Designer / Studio NameEntekhab Design Center
Lead designerMeysam Ghasemi
Team MembersShirin Amini, Mohammad Hossein Chitsazzadeh, Davoud Abdollahi
Location:Isfahan - Iran
Photography creditsShirin Amini
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