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Sunto Women and Childrens Hospital

Beijing Lianhua Architecture Design & Consultance Ltd. /Infospace Design, Ltd.

Short description

The project is located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, with a total above-ground building area of 42,800 square meters and a below-ground building area of 14,800 square meters. As a relatively small private owned women's and children's hospital, cost control was taken into consideration while providing maximum comfort to patients. Within a compact and orderly spatial layout, patient flow was emphasized through reservation management and flow control to avoid patient backtracking and long waiting times, resulting in a more efficient, comfortable, and private medical experience and greatly enhancing the quality of care.
The long reception space on the first floor of the hospital is different from the common hospital lobby setting in China. It is a community pedestrian shortcut space that runs from east to west. We have incorporated the lively spirit into the design of this indoor street, creating an open, vivid, and vibrant medical environment that blends outdoor and indoor elements. This not only eliminates the sense of distance brought by the traditional large-scale lobby but also encourages people to use and communicate in this space. In addition, the functions on the first floor are relatively independent and geared towards healthy individuals, such as health management center, Sunto LAB library, and other health and wellness spaces.
"Quiet does not mean silence, but rather the control of both sound and visual noise." This is achieved through effective integration of framework scale, facade openings, ceiling heights, lighting fixtures, material definitions, and furniture zoning. All designs are derived from rational function, resulting in a controlled and peaceful environment for both hearing and sight.
The hospital's logo, like its name, represents sunshine and warmth. The client hoped that the medical services would stand out from the impatience and coldness of the normal state-owned hospitals and instead be attentive and warm. In our design, we established empathy and understanding, identified the potential design value of the project logo, and incorporated it into various elements such as department entrance signs, floor patterns, and furniture decorations. We aimed to create an indoor environment filled with "sunshine" to convey the spirit of SUNTO and share cultural values with visitors.

Entry details
LocationJiaxing - China
Lead designerShih-Chih Chang, Wei-Hung Hsu, Yeqian Gao
Design teamHanju Chan, Yajie Luo, Wanting Wu, Chi-Jui Chang, Ye Sun, Ling Chen
Photography creditsWanting Wu, Xi Zhang
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