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Interior | Concept & Unbuilt

Sunriver Holding Sales Center

Shanghai POHE Environmental Art Co., Ltd.

Project description

With the design concept of regaining old memories and exploring the future of city, the sales center shows respect to the local history, humanity and material while meeting the functional and experience need of space. The interior design discovers and refines the historical inheritance to create a rich space experience through modern aesthetics technique, forming a picturesque scene in the window. The outdoor landscape is extended to the interior naturally, creating an integrated and flexible space for exploration, and showing an attitude of observing details in life and love for life. The sand table area is connected vertically with the second floor, where the arc-shaped ceiling constructs the the stone gate of Shikumen Residence, revealing the atmosphere of old Shanghai; while the negotiation area is connected horizontally through the special window form. The variability of space is fully integrated with the layered pavilion characteristics of the well-preserved Tang-style building, allowing people walking in the space to have a connection across the space and time.

Project details
Location:Shanghai - China
Studio NameShanghai POHE Environmental Art Co., Ltd.
Lead designerVivien Zhang
Design teamNigo C. , Colin Z.
Photography creditsShanghai POHE Environmental Art Co., Ltd.
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