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Interior | Concept & Unbuilt

SUNAC A-ONE Public Area

Highly Design

Project description

Chongqing A-ONE skyscraper complex is completed in seven years time, it will feature the world's 12th tallest skyscraper, with a total of 103 floors reaching a height of 470 metres, and befit the stature of Chongqing as a world class international metropolis. "Galaxy Starlight" is the theme of interior design of the public space, comparing space to the Milky Way and people are dazzling stars inside. The space layout simulates the movement of the Milky Way, integrating the idea of constellations into the space design to make it compatible with the architecture and interior, which gives people various feeling when they are walking through. The interior circulation forms a story line of the “Galaxy Starlight” as Gate of the Galaxy (underground car-park lobby) - Leading by the Big Dipper (1F entrance lobby) - Avenue of Stars (1F corridor) - Shinning of the Scorpius (4F entrance lobby) - Starlight ladder (4F stilt floor) - Peak of the Starlight (64F financial club).

Project details
Location:Chongqing - China
Studio NameHighly Design
Lead designerHuanhui Feng
Photography creditsHighly Design
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