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Summer Lasalle


Project description

Summer Lasalle project is located in Sukhumvit-Bang Na area. We used landscape design to created a special enviromental for each campus. especially the planting design by use a concpet from project's name "Summer" . A flowering tree that blooming on summer season will use as a feature tree in every campus. Evergreen tree will plant on common area to be a green linkage for a whole project. By this concept ,user will remind that their workspace have a special flower color instead of remember a building code. Both landscape area, plaza and inner green court , designed to be multi purpose area. Plaza can use as a gathering , flea market, art exhibition etc. Green space can use as a open court for office user , exercise lawn , relex lawn under the tree,seating area and also a water collection when heavy rain. Green color from tree is a simple color that can feel relaxation. Designed a whole office that can enjoy natural view from a deck will make a happy work life for day time. Working togerther with Architect to created a small office building that free rotated to open view to inner court. Flowering tree that blooming on summer (related to project name) will plant in every campus that every campus can have their signature color from tree as a symbo. Landscape architect also play with level to elevatated building to created a view from every space that can see green area. With large landscape area need a big irrigation system. Designer provided a pond to collect rain water to use. Landscape area also provided a lower lawn as a basin when hevey rain that can help to slow down water run out. Combined with both system the project itself will not disturb a city drainage system and also help to reduce flood problem on main street and neighborhood.As a phasing construction, tree will managed to plant start from begin by small tree or seedling that also support a plant nursery industry. Landscape area in front of project is a commercial plaza call SUNNY MARKET as a meaning of sunny,shining a space become a function of this area that can be multi space. Someday will be a flea market , stage for performance, space for artiest to show their work. Provided a 2 kilometer jogging with bicycle lane that everyone can use as a public park invited a guest to enjoy project.

Project details
Location:Bangkok, Thailand
Studio Name1819
Lead designerPalang Sittithaworn
Photography creditsChalermwat Wongchompoo
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