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Studio mk27

Short description

Studio mk27 was founded in 1978 by Marcio Kogan and turned into a collaborative studio in the beginning of the 2000’s. Ever since, it has constantly grown and globalized its activities, creating a larger and more diverse group of multidisciplinary consultants and partners around the globe. Coming from an immature construction market, with low investment in architecture and coherent urbanization, studio mk27 holds a big responsibility. Our effort has always been to preserve the excellence of our production through a healthy collective process and constant development of each of our careers. Today we have a group of almost 50 collaborators, most of which have worked together for over a decade. Aside from our own team of architects, studio mk27 has created a network of artisans and technicians, sometimes actively contributing to their business gains in scale. The export of architectural services itself, in a commodity-based economy, is an audacious move. But realizing our service also has an impact on the life of artisans and technicians is something we take a lot of pride on. We are present in 4 different continents and our portfolio covers different programs and scales, containing objects, furniture and fixtures, whole communities, towers, urban hotels and retreats, retail, retrofit and workspaces ranging from: a 23sqm hut for a residence program for writers in Switzerland to an 800,000 sqm masterplan and development for the suburban headquarters of a Brazilian investment company. In every program and every scale, studio mk27 searches for opportunities to create a positive impact. Broadening the awareness of the relevance of design and authenticity in thriving economies and applying the most sustainable approaches to architecture are some of the opportunities we often find among most of our commissions. All in all, we take our fun very seriously.

Entry details
Location:São Paulo - Brazil
Studio Name Studio mk27
Lead designerMarcio Kogan
Design team50
Photography creditsFernando Guerra
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