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Stori – Smart Cannabis Storage

RCU Group Inc.

Product description

Meet Stori, the world's first purpose built cannabis storage. We believe in normalizing cannabis through education and conversation so we wanted to give consumers a conversation starter in their home and on the go. After all, consumers (and patients) won’t talk about cannabis if it's still hidden in their sock drawer. Cannabis is a global product and cannabis consumers are global citizens, we designed Stori to bring cannabis storage into the next generation by not only making it safe and functional, but also beautiful and fun to use. Stori design features allow consumers to: Keep track of what makes them feel happy - Our color coded system allows consumers to keep track of the strains and products that make them feel best for different outcomes Store in ideal conditions - the Pods & Tubes are made from food safe aluminum with built in Boveda (humidity pack) holders helping consumers take care of their products Keep organized - Multiple modular units for storing all sorts of cannabis products and all the accessories all in one beautiful case that you can proudly display like your wine collection Be Safe and Responsible - Kids don’t drink the beer in the fridge because they understand what it is. This is why we made Stori beautiful so that it can be talked about. This way it’ll sit in the living room, beside the bar cart, but still offer a child resistant solution in case of curious little hands Discover products around you - with our free app - that lets you learn more about the products you've purchased, keep track of inventory and get notifications about your favorite products, or similar products offered by retailers near you.

Product details
Designer / Studio NameRCU Group Inc.
Lead designerAndrew Ferrier
Team MembersKarina Karassev, Afshin Mousavian, Ilia Larionov
Location:Toronto - Canada
Photography creditsRCU Group Inc
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