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Stool Circus


Short description

Circus is an object of the Suber collection made entirely in core in the black version and in the gold version.
It perfectly interprets the "smart" nature of Suber objects as it can be used as a stool and by turning it 180 ° in its pivot it becomes a low table.
Its shape, as its name expresses, is inspired by the counter-conical bases used in the circus world.
The Suber design line is ethical and aesthetic, a model for business and design that, starting with sustainability, extends to tables, stools, lamps, hangers, buckets, and umbrella stands.
Promoted by Amorim Cork Italia, which through its ETHICAL collection of used cork stoppers, in collaboration with 45 non-profit organizations throughout Italy, transforms stoppers into a mixture of granules and natural glues, to create a sustainable material called CORE.
A material whose new properties have been interpreted by the architect Jari Franceschetto, giving life to the Suber collection.
Cork absorbs a part of the pollutive emissions produced by man.
Entirely natural, recyclable and biodegradable, cork is known as one of the most sustainable materials.

Entry details
Studio Name AJF/DESIGN
Lead designerJari Franceschetto
Design teamCarlos Santos - Elena F. Ballof
Photography creditsFotorama
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