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Desfa Group Inc.

Short description

Desfa Group was commissioned by Stella, one of the largest luxury footwear brands in the world, to design its creative center to house the entire product development team as well as talented footwear designers from all over the world.
The creative center takes 40,000 sqm over four stories, including production lines, open office, a laboratory, showrooms, fitting rooms, a collaboration lounge and a material warehouse.
The designer re-think the connecting corridor of the three existing buildings by softening the boundaries to greatly enlarged the interior space. The play between natural lights and interior lighting is the key concept when redefining the space.
Mild skylights framed in grid ceilings of the lobby offers a sense of calmness and elegance.
The use of simple and raw materials, such as wood, cement plaster panels and raw steels, helped to create intimacy and coziness within the wide-open industrial settings. Desfa tries to create a secure and friendly working environment that will enhance teamwork while manifesting the value and aesthetics of the brand.
With the acknowledge of Stella's flat and equal working ethos, the designer focuses on the open workspaces which encourage seamless communications and collaborations.
In addition, there are private meeting rooms, video conference booths, open conference tables with complementary areas containing a material library to facilitate the development process.
Space generates creativity, Stella's employees will be immersed in design elements from working to lunchbreak within the new office.
Custom-made lighting keeps inspiring people and help them to concentrate. Workstations installed in the north and the south side of the building will greatly improve the quality of natural lighting that is needed for high-level task areas.
One of the most challenging spaces is the designers' fitting room, where functionality and beauty are subtly balanced to inspire the collaboration between Stella and other world known luxury footwear brands.
A strong sense of simplicity and vitality are interpreted by playing with different materials including wood and concreate. Cabinets along both sides of the wall can be used in multiple ways, where designers can pin-up their sketches or do free drawings; drawers for flexible shoe display are installed under the cabinets to maximize the efficiency of designers' working process.
It is not only a place for footwear development and production, but a sanctuary for the creators and preachers of beauty, where the dignity and divinity of design and creativity are protected and sublimated.

Entry details
LocationDongguan, China
Studio NameDesfa Group Inc.
Lead designerHoward J. Wang, Michael Dungca
Design teamLeo Lin, Bruce Li, Juily Li, Kevin Wu, Mia Wang, Yachi Zhang, Fanticn Hu
Photography creditsPeter Dixie, Zao Hui
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