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Starry Street Wuhou

CLOU architects

Project description

Located in the newly planned Wuhou District of south-west Chengdu, Starry Street is a mixed-use project that’s adjacent to the intersection of two main roads as well as that of two new metro lines in which connect residents of the area directly with the office and industrial park. The design aims to connect the living, retail, and social spaces into a symbiotic ‘three-body spatial system’. The entire project is divided into three levels, interweaved with each other from bottom to top, including retail, social and living space. Retail space located on floor 1-2 ground plane is vibrant and appealing enough to fully utilize operational value. The upper level is a residential area with windows facing streets and open views. The project consists of multiple programs such as retail, residential, and SOHO apartments. With such a program mix, the proposal meets design challenges such as avoiding the dark and canyon-like retail street amongst high towers and orientating six towers following the three different types of apartments contained. The south and north area of the project features SOHO apartments, outdoor basketball courts, urban farms, pop-up stores, and landscaped steps. The multi-layered public space provides the local residents with solutions for their need for a healthy lifestyle, natural scenery, and social interaction. The north entrance along the street draws people in with landscaped steps, rain sheds, and hollow glass banquet centers. The design breaks the spatial definition of the outdoor steps at the entrance, extending the size of the rain shed and the buildings on both sides. Entering the courtyard surrounded by the residential area, the community urban life is connected by the upward vertical circulation. The sunken plaza accommodating supermarkets and restaurants resonates through the round atrium with the second floor’s programs such as cinema, live performance stage, and pop-up event place. The southern block includes programs such as gym, outdoor basketball, yoga, and urban farms, which stimulate more interactions, self-improvements, and happiness through physical activities. The area that extends to the north block features celebratory, artsy, and futuristic program types such as IMAX cinema, karaoke bars, restaurants, and event gathering space.

Project details
Location:Chengdu, China
Studio NameCLOU architects
Lead designerJan Clostermann
Design teamJan Clostermann, Zhi Zhang, Lin Li, Sebastian Loaiza, Christopher Biggin, Alessandra Sebastiani, Yadi Zhong, Jingshuang Zhao, Minghan Lin, Yaxi Wang, Qiao Ding, Myung Lee, Valentina Kholoshenko
Photography creditsArch-Exist
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