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St.Tree Cafe

Nanyi Design Interior Design Studio

Short description

This design, influenced by verdant boulevards, captures elements of nature in a vibrant streetscape. A central axis mirrors the thoroughfare, adorned with ginkgo trees planted on diagonal lines, thus encapsulating a streetscape that resonates with seasonal rhythms and flourishing greenery. The design breathes an immaculate white ethos, punctuated by arched light strips, combining pure colors and nature’s elements to mimic the tranquil shade of trees. Its elegant arches morph, mirroring tree forms, dancing with the sway of shadows to sketch a harmonious panorama. Cabinets boast rounded corners, inviting occupants into the room.

The room’s luminosity is augmented through a palette of pristine white, synergized with floor-to-ceiling windows. As dusk falls, refracted light offers gentle illumination, contributing to energy efficiency. Indoor plants not only provide respite from stress, but also serve as air purifiers, mitigating the greenhouse effect. An entrance tree, fashioned in the style of park stone benches, forges a cozy atmosphere beneath its shade, twinned with starry lights that evoke a dreamy nocturnal ambience.

The spatial circulation boasts a semi-open layout, employing a variety of materials in the ceiling as a virtual boundary for space. Transparent ceilings raise the visual expanse, allowing light to permeate gently throughout the room. Adopting three diverse spatial forms, the interior interweaves layers, curating a captivating blend of interest and diversity. An elongated white magazine rack bisects the room, serving dually as a partition and a bar seating area on its other side. The multifunctional zone, featuring raw wooden stools, fosters a natural plaza ambiance. Flexible seating caters to various activities, inviting patrons to enjoy leisurely moments.

Entry details
LocationHsinchu County, Taiwan
Lead designerYi Yuen Chang
Photography creditsWeimax Studio
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